Technical Illustration

Technical Illustration

I prove a wide range of illustration service to customers, either as part of a technical document or as individual illustrations. Although I may use a range of software drawing applications to support the illustration process, I generally use Adobe Illustrator to produce the final artwork. This allows me to deliver the artwork as either re-sizable vector images orĀ  high-resolution pdf files. Alternately, I can export the images for use in MS Word, MS PowerPoint, etc.

The various types of illustration that I have created include:

  • Isometric exploded views with part labelling
  • Assembly drawings
  • Photo-realistic images
  • Photo overlays showing construction details
  • 3-D application diagrams for equipment installations, cabling, etc.
  • Circuit diagrams and connection/cabling schemes
  • Cross-section construction diagrams
  • Logos, symbols, icons and graphic design

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Here are some examples of my work:

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